What Are the Slot Game Features?


A slot game’s features define it. They are what entice players to spend money on the game and increase payouts. Previously, mechanical slots did not have features such as multipliers and jackpots. Today, you can find 5×3 reels with wild symbols and scatter symbols. Learn about the features of your favorite slot. Listed below are the most popular slot game features. Read on to learn more! We have also included the Probability of winning.

Game mechanics

In a slot machine, a player can win by aligning a certain set of symbols. The symbols can be any type, but they are often associated with a certain image based on the theme of the slot. For instance, in the Book of Dead slot machine, scatter symbols represent three coins. Those symbols are the key to triggering the free spins bonus. These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and can trigger a bonus game. However, some slot games require a specific pattern of scatter symbols to activate a bonus game.


While you might be able to pick your own symbols in the slots, there are some standard ones that are universal across all video slots. For example, playing cards and fruits are common symbols in slots. But you can also opt for symbols based on the theme of the game. These symbols have their own significance and can enhance your winning chances. To help you decide, here are some tips to choose the best symbols for slot machines. Listed below are some popular slot symbols.

Bonus rounds

Getting to bonus rounds on slot machines is as easy as getting three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. The scatters can be anywhere on the reels, even in adjacent ones. When the scatter symbols land, the bonus round will start over. This feature can be triggered by landing three scatter symbols in any free spins round. When you land three scatter symbols in the free spins round, you get 10 more free spins. Then, you must land three more scatter symbols on the same reel, which will give you another set of 10 free spins.

Probability of winning

The probability of winning a slot machine is 5% if you play 500 times. This is based on the binomial distribution. The manufacturer of a slot machine designed it so that 1% of players would win. However, this figure does not include the players who were lucky enough to win more than once. Therefore, the probability of winning a slot machine is not as high as you might think. But if you keep trying, you can still win a slot machine, since there is no way to guarantee that you will win.


The legality of slot machines depends on the laws of the respective countries. Although it is not illegal to gamble in the United States, most countries in Africa prohibit gambling. However, a few countries in Europe have legalized gambling businesses under government licenses. Moreover, European governments oversee gambling businesses, and slot machines are not considered illegal in these countries. But some countries, such as Iran and Iraq, have banned gambling entirely. In these countries, legality of slot machines varies.