Al-shabaab Movements Were Shifted to Tribal Secessionist Enclave of Somaliland, While Unionist State of Khatumo May Welcome to AMISOM Forces”:

Al-Shabaab forces has moved from southern regions of Somalia  to Northern Secessionist  tribal states (Somaliland and Puntland), where they are not only installed by small, diffuse rebel movements and leadership networks but also by terrorist networks that exploit the weaknesses of these two tribal semi-states (Somaliland and Puntland) to carry out attacks that have domestic and international resonance.

Increasingly, Al-Shabaab armed leaders are not bounded by their terrain – indeed, their adaptability is showcased by their ability to shift, move, and, at times, change form. In addition, tribal armed groups in both Somaliland and Puntland can avail themselves of an increasingly regional network of strategic and tactical knowledge sharing among terrorists and insurgents. Innovations in terrorist weapons or attacks in Southern Somali regions are now shifted and emulated in both Somaliland and Puntland.

It’s certain that the secessionist tribal enclave (Somaliland) intelligence agencies know the location of these Al-shabaab leaders and actually has some kind of a liaison relationship with them. But the Secessionists has consistently refused to go after them, and we think the reason for that is a complex blend of tribal affiliations and  secessionist’s geopolitical calculations.We hate to tell you all this, but this has actually been going on for some time in secessionists tribal enclave (Somaliland). Some of the Al-Shabaab leaders have been welcomed in Hargeisa and Buroa regions because they are natives, and now they hiding in local government sites (so to speak)…

The AMISOM are looking an alternative region to monitor Al-shabaab movements in both states (Somaliland and Puntland). AMISOM special unit forces are projected to deploy in the near future to Khatumo State of Somalia where they can monitor Al-shabaab movements in both Puntland and Somaliland.

“The amount of support they (AMISOM) can get from us (Unionist State of Khatumo) will be phenomenal” said Khatumo State Spokesman. “Al-Shabaab in particular continues to pose a major threat in our neighbor regions” he warned, referring to the unprecedented shift and expansion of Al-Shabaab in northern tribal Secessionist enclave of so called “Somaliland”.

More recently, it appears that a shipment route for Al-shabaab on their way to Berbera has been opened along the northern coast of Somalia (Somaliland), encouraging greater activity by Al-Shabaab militants in the area. There are fears in Khatumo State that these militants with alliance to Secessionists could eventually turn the Al-Shabaab weapons against the Khatumo State and federal government at Mogadishu.

Last Sunday anti-Semitic and anti-western protests spread across the Somaliland – in pictures

In the de facto secessionist capital of Hargeisa, meanwhile, a campaign of attacks on members of the foreigners continues as Western nations begin to pull out their nationals amidst rumors of an impending terrorist attack.

In conclusion; the secessionist tribal enclave (Somaliland) could be a major factor in destabilizing the entire region of Horn of Africa, and this seems a highly troubling from westerners and their regional ‘allies ‘proxies

By: Khatumo State Think Tank Group: Contact:

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