(KHAJA) Condemns SNM Militia’S Imprisonment And Torture Of Dozens Of Civilians And Journalists In Lasanod

Khatumo Journalists Association (KHAJA) strongly condemns the illegal imprisonment and torture of three Journalists and dozens of women in Lasanod as part of the continued attack of the SNM Militia on Khatumo State. This comes after dozens of lasanod residents held a gathering last Tuesday to showcase and celebrate Federal Somalia’s new and hopeful political developments; inspiring speeches, songs and poetry were displayed by mostly women participants who voiced their support for the newly elected Federal Government of Somalia including the President Hassan Sheikh, Parliamentary speaker Jawari and Prime Minister Saaid.

According to Khatumo Journalists Association’s current president, Suleiman Mohamud Hashi, the Journalists detained by the SNM Militia include Maxamed Shaqalle and Faysal Jaamac both of which are members of Khatumo State. Eye witnesses confirmed that the Journalists and elderly moms suffered torture and beatings while being detained_ an inhumane practice that is becoming increasingly common these days in Lasanod.

“Residents are fearful and afraid to voice their opinions, Lasanod residents are under a perpetual curfew, feeling suppressed and coerced to adhere to a secessionist ideology that calls for the separation of Somalia along defunct colonial regional lines” stated Ahmed Jama, a Khatumo historian in Lasanod. “Detaining elderly women and handling them roughly simply because they expressed their allegiance to Federal Somalia’s Blue and white star flag is quite shocking according to our Somali culture” continued Ahmed.

While KHAJA shares this sad episode with the Somali media community at large, Journalists in Khatumo are known for their conviction and commitment to give voice to the voiceless in Khatumo State; supporting freedom of speech and one’s inalienable right to peaceful assembly; KHAJA calls on Khatumo State and Somali Federal government to launch urgent investigations into these illegal detentions of Khatumo Journalists and civilians and bring the SNM Militia to justice.

The following are some of the confirmed names of those detained currently in Lasanod police station.

  1. (mom) Xaawo Xaaji Ducaale
  2. Farduus Maxamed Diiriye
  3. Siciid Maxamed Diiriye
  4. Ina Cabdi Hanas (an elderly mom)
  5. C/laahi Hindi
  6. Aamina Cumar Faarad
  7. Ardo Xasan Yare
  8. Fatuux Casoowe ( and her husband named below)
  9. Saleebaan Iidle
  10. Faadumo Ismaaciil Geele
  11. (Journalist) Maxamed Shaqale Cashuur.
Natinal Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ)
Somali Ministry of Information and Telecommunications
Human Rights Watch
United Nations (Somalia Office)

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