Khaatumo State is Under Attack by BBC led Mafia !…

The BBC Somali service, since its inception in 1957 till the current head, Mr. Yusuf Garad, took over the management of the section, has been the voice and ears of the Somali-speaking people of the region. For generations, the BBC succeeded in keeping the loyalty of so many customers for so many decades through its impartial reporting, seasoned presenters, valuable programmes, good customer feedback and etc. However, currently, BBC Somali Section as seen by Somali speaking customers Cafe owned by warlord Yuusuf Garaad and handful of his ring cell.

It is unfortunate that the internationally accredited BBC is still accommodating a Somali Warlord and permitted him to use the only source of information and news of the Somali people, for his sinister and criminal advocating propaganda internationally. Yusuf Garad as a Somali Warlord who is to be removed like all others were disgracefully chased away from their strong forts.

The BBC Somali section under its current editor Yusuf Garaad can best be described by the Somalis as pale, bland, outright boring and out-of-touch. Some of the major fundamental drawbacks often cited are lack of quality programmes, bias in reporting which became its hallmark, exodus of professional staff, lack of creativity and the presence of unhappy and insecure staff. Mr. Yusuf-Garaad is shamelessly using the service to further his political ambitions and in doing so only gives voice to a limited number of individuals in Somalia and as far as the rest of the Somali speaking region is concerned he selectively reports one-sided stories.

It became widely known tale about his interviews and bias reporting that uncovered his dual face attitude one lips based Somalism and other dark faced that lobbying secessionist admins whom their blind arrogance, false self-pride and bigotry indiscriminately brain-washed its susceptible innocent people created alienation  towards accent  of South-Somalia people including Yusuf Garaad.

A reliable and  trustworthy, middle-aged bloke from Mogadisho who spent few months in Hargaysa told me that if you utter words that being used in the South of Somalia as a dialect e.g. Aboowe in a public place in Hargaysa you would be facing more likely insults from all age group of people whilst is norm if you voiced loudly ‘’ Uraajaa Alle’’ Amharic word that means Iijooji Baska used when bus reachs your destinations and want to alight. Faysal Ali Waraabe’s sinister  unislamic words are  popular in Somalian peninsula “ Wiil ku dhashay Muqdisha, Waxaa iga Xiga Wiil ku dhashay Addis-ababa”  our religion obliged Muslims are brothers regardless of race, colour and gender let alone Somalis who are one family.

Let me proof Yusuf’s political involvement though, he runs in a wrong path. When fellow clansman, Abdulkasim Salaad Hassan, was running for presidency at the Somali conference in Arta, Djibouti, Yusuf Garaad provided the BBC Somali service as a platform to support him. His  support continued after Abdulkasim’s election and in particular in his struggle with the notorious Mogadishu warlords who had little trouble to prevail over him, accepting him president only in name but not in power.

When Abdulkasim’s term ended and was replaced by Abdillahi Yusuf, hailing from a different clan, Yusuf Garaad had once again transferred his support to the warlords of Mogadishu who once again succeeded to fend off the new government and forced it to remain in exile outside the capital. One may argue and feel sympathy for Yusuf’s short-termed support for Islamic Court Union (ICU), dear reader don’t forget the warlords were acting as mercenaries for the CIA, launched their misguided war against the Islamsts at the first place with the support of Yuusuf Garaad.

For six months in 2006, Somalia experienced a respite from the brutal internecine fighting that had reduced parts of Mogadishu to rubble when the UIC surprisingly defeated the warlords. As Mary Harper writes in her book ‘’Getting Somalia Wrong: “Because the courts emerged from the grassroots level to perform some of the key functions of government in a stateless society, they were increasingly viewed as legitimate authorities by the communities they served.”

Need not to describe it all, how he savagely tend to discredited outgoing President Sheikh Sharif taking advantage of every opportunity no matter its relevance to the matter of discussion.In addition,  he assigned  this duty two   sibling Professors (Abdi & Ahmed Samatar)  plus his cousin Abdiraxmaan Abdi Shakuur, let me briefly reveal the commonality of Yusuf and Samatars’ Professors, the former (Abdi) without a hitch opposed TFG since its inception in Nairobi black-mailing images of TFG Presidents Abdullahi  Yusuf,  PMs, -Shariif, Geedi, Nuurcade, Sharmaarke,- parliaments and the entire system. He had criticized  corruption, ignorance, lack of leadership skills etc.

For your information, Abdi  went to Mogadisho Mahakiim era and later Asmara  for political purposes. However, personally, I’ve to give devil his due whilst I can give leeway to his  arguments against  both Yusuf and Sharif’s ruins, due to TFG’s  endless disagreements, corruption and lacked leadership skills. As such one has a right to say they were/are not suitable  for presidency position in a country where all institution were absent over a decade.

But I puzzled when Abdi publicly assaulted newly appointed PM Farmaajo and requested verbally via his mate’s Cafe (BBC SOMALI Section) calling 550 parliamentarians whom he once regarded criminals begged humble manner  not to give Farmaajo vote of confidence. He again was invited his friend’s Café after Farmaajo served 6months that was felt Mogadisho and entire globe. Farmaajo was like Prof. Samatar  western-educated, but honest, professional. He  prioritise fundemantal principle that were badly needed. He clearly informed all institutions must be accountable and transparent, in his first move he investigated and questioning UN envoy to Somalia  and order to move to Mogadisho. Corrupted slow thinker Mahiga just followed his predessoser (Walad Abdalla) corrupted footsteps divide and steal tactic.

I believe if Farmaajo could have been challenged Sharif in his own Village Mahadaay one man vote style, let alone Mogadisho -that we watched satellite TVs -would be gained landslide victory, but he decided otherwise for his dignity. The later Ahmed Samatar unlike Geography lecturer he hardly travels for the sake of his political ambition though advocated similar propaganda until quite recently. Surprisingly, he did sudden change to his accustomed  opposition against so-called Somaliland just after been announced in Taleh   regional administration. He jealously undermining  Khaatumo, while he sent sweet words to Hargaysa, in order to gain Siilaanyo’s forgiveness he defended and voiced loudly Siilaanyo’s plan B formula North and South power-sharing fantasy after hitting long awaited T-Junction on Feb, 23, 2012 at Lancaster House.

The questions that beg the answers included why Prof. Samatar made that sudden move? Why he ignored Khaatumo whilst Khaatumo people wish Awdal State piece and prosporous future.Secondly, instead of clamping Siilaanyo’s  clan based interests he-his brother and Gothah- out to organise their  people  whom facing day in a day out oppression, maiming and slaughtering Why they didn’t do what matters to them in a piece-full  manner rather  than jealously back stabbing  Khaatumo State, it has been said before charity begins at home.   One can draw one’s own conclusions shared sickness  between BBC Warlords and Pen War lords as Amiin Aamir nick-named Abdi Samatar.

Yusuf Garaad’s clansman Abdishakuur commited crime against Somalis he was the Minister that signed  EEZ Exclusion Economic Zone agreement just for the sake of handful of dollars as been told, perhaps less than 20,000$. Unless intellectual Somalis had not fighting all available venues our territorial water would be looted in a day light by Kenyans and few corrupted merciless individuals. Thanks to Somalitalk its nationalism and courage journalism that revealed   conspiracy theory. Since then Sharif loofed from Abdishakuur,  then Farmaajo appointed ministers with certain criteria that Abdishakuur never been his possesion including honesty, experience and education.

Proof me wrong if I  step the line and used his accusation assumptions. Notwithstanding, I will give you  a concrete evidences , that dated back since Khaatumo State of Somalia re-born at  historic Capital of Somalia Taleh,  Mid Janauray,2012. However, though, its formation, circumstances that facilitated the concept and used formula is a long story that would take approximately 10article to cover. I would like just to remind you briefly  as a catch up, first released announcement  that was read by two Khaatumo officials – Aden  Shuuriye & Sulaiman Wajixaad- was momentous.

To sum up they said’’. Nearly selected 3000 people from all walk of life from Sool,Sanaag,  Cayn, East Africa and 4 other continents  gathered  their home, after constructive discussion that took approx, three weeks at end they announced self-governed administration and wished all Somalians including North-west administration peace and prosperous future after bleedy two decades of wars, famine and ignorance’. Subsequent calls from G9 and executives were clear.They firmly and without hesitant urged immediately  Hargaysa administration to withdraw from its troops inside Khaatumo territory otherwise will be solely responsible inevitable lost of lives.

While I consider Somalis naivety that we  hardly recall our victimisers   evil actions if exceeded 30days, I will disregard Yusuf’s previous wicked actions that dated back since becoming editor 1999 instead I selected less than a month old crimes he purposely committed against Khaatumo.

Mid February he interviewed personally Prof. Galaydh articulated,  grey-haired man, whom served as a PM until he asserted his co-worker’s different agenda (grabbing wealthy) than his (legacy) as a result, he opted not to bribe corrupted MPs to stay in instead he rather call it a day and safe his dignity for a later date rather bribing pay as you go type MPs. Prof. Galaydh is an active member of G9  who invented and architected  the inception of Khaatumo State of Somalia after they systemically analyzed and evaluated . Yusuf Garaad  gave Professor a hard time I amazed when he asked “ Why you are advocating Somali unity while, all Somalians except you (KhaatumoState)  don’t care unionism “ the Professor replied in a sophisticated manner and turned blind eyes Yusuf’s cynical, unprofessionalism, and inferior attitude.

Secondly Yusuf Garaad went to clan-based demonstration took place on 22nd February 2012, at Downing Street in a bleedy rainy cold morning. He interviewed minimum of 30 people without a break among those who couldn’t hide their inferiority complex is Dr. Sifir who served TFG Minister and deputy Prime Minister Abdullahi Yusuf’s era as a professional journalist that free from vested interest and hatred this would be an ideal opportunity to quiz flip-flop, there were plenty of interested questions including “ Yesterday you were Somaliwayn, today you are demonstration for recognition  of self-declared administration why???? But unfortunately it became apparent as been tipped that Yusuf Garaad sealed a deal at East-London  Restaurant  to chat friendly Somalilanders and give hard time Khaatumo State officials.

Thirdly, 23rd Feb Somalia demonstration was held calling for unity and acknowledging British PM for his hosting International Somalia Conference. Despite Yusuf Garaad’s office that received 100 + phone calls seeking coverage Somali Demo,  BBC Somali (not Somaliland) Section turned in a deaf ear and even he didn’t send low-level unskilled reporter who inherited positions used to be occupied professional people like Cawke, Mahamoud Hassan, A/Salaan Hereri, Aamina Muuse Weheliye etc.

Fourthly, 24th Feb, Yusuf Garaad invited 5guests to his own program (Falanqaynta Jimcaha- Shirkii Soomaalida) whom he deliberately selected for certain criteria two of those were permanent so-called analyzer Somalian affairs, – Professor Ahmed Samatar and his cousin Abdishakuur their rebellion notion against TFG is widely known by Somalians. Rumours say that Samatar is  outraged 4.5 power-sharing formula that landed him behind Isaaq & Dirta Koonfureed so his dream along with his younger sibling to gain top seats is impossible even ministerial post are highly unlikely to grab if they swallowed their original ambition.

Third guest was named Dr. Juriile former Minister of TFG now he is Member of 550 Parliaments and he is loyal supporter both Shariif Sakiin and Faroole. The fourth guess was junior staff from Presidential Palace who hardly distinguishes even the participants (passenger) let alone the captain and where the boat is heading to. Yusuf always, tactically selected right people for his agenda. Fifth guess Mohamed Abdullahi so-called foreign Minister of Siilaanyo administration.

As usual discussion went smoothly and Somaliland chap aired his notorious lies including Siilaanyo gave speech in Somalian Conference. none of the participants with  knowledge of the truth rectify let alone Yuusuf Garaad  Garaad defended when  brain-washed bloke face booked from Burco to one of the staff and questioned ‘’Is it true that Siilaanyo gave speech at the conference’’ instead of Mahamed Abdilaahi who out to answer, Yusuf Garaad impatiently rotated  answered: ‘’ Hadalkuu Ka jeediyay Siilaanyo Waa ka hadeer Wasiirku faahfaahinayoba’’ and then  Yusuf Garaad did not gave social network  assigned staff any subsequent chance, due to his picked question. This time Yusuf should rectifying this criminal lie as a licensed media professional contrary though he intentionally committed the biggest mistake and set himself  up.

Whether Siilaanyo did the speech at Lancaster House is a complete fabrication of the facts of the Conference, However, targeting people are not the civilized ones who are accessible to the modern media resources and have the means to rationalize between lies and truth. The truth can be discovered by the click of the mouse and is reachable by your finger tip through Foreign Office Website: where attendee’s names and their speeches are found. Alternatively, a number of international media were live reporting including CNN,Reuters, NBC, Aljazeera and above all BBC -institution where Yusuf Garaad’s gains his living expenses- Yusuf along with  those fabricated and advocated verbally this criminal lie like Mohamed Abdullahi, according to  English Law It is a crime to engineer International speeches and tell lies about the High Level conference on Somalia that been hosted in UK by the name of  serving Prime Minister David Cameron.

Yet again purposely used Foreign Office logo ignorantly miscalculated and landed themselves a big trouble. Foreign Office Officer whom I had contacted before and after been black-mailed his office and PM’s office, he asserted me all those involved including  octogenarian tribe leader will be investigated and dealt with as soon as possible. Siilaanyo may deliver a speech —as published fantasy living websites – but certainly did that in a different avenue perhaps, his hotel room, definitely not before the international delegations there!

It is utterly and unequivocally beyond any one’s comprehension why Mr. Siilaanyo put himself in this predicament and jeopardizing his entire life. Nevertheless, it is worth- noting this deplorable action could result imprisonment, revoking citizenship and putting on the list international register of internet hackers. All interviews are recorded and will be used as evidence even if Yusuf attempt to erase in order to avoid course of justice.

Finally, March 8, 2012 BBC interviewed outgoing President of Khaatumo State of Somalia, Honourable Ahmed Elmi Osman (Karaash) –sacrificer, jungle-sleeper who unlike dozens of his clansmen opted to walk away his Ministerial post when he understood freeing Lasanod is not included  to-do-lists of former Melbourne cab driver Abdiraxmaan Faroole – ex-Puntland (North-east regions of Somalia) nick-named Faysal Cali Waraabaha Puntland. President Karaash have read at the drop of a hat unskilled Moalimuu’s sinister heart whilst he asked “Khaatumo Somaliland may ictiraaf ka raadsato ” unfortunately Khaatumo veteran President slammed his face and quizzed him back saying. Adeer su’aashaasi mid meesha ku jirta maaha ee saaxiiboow adaanba ku waydiiyee maxaa dhiboo ku jira aqoonsiga Khaatumo federaalku Aqoonsaday?.

A Somalian man  who live in Mogadisho  for ages disclosed the theory behind interviewing serving President Ahmed Osman in Taleh -1000km away- about recognition letter rather than President Biindhe who stays stone’s throw away from Junior Moalimu’s whereabouts.He revealed that junior reporter Mu’alimuu was warned by his godfather-Yusuf- not to interview Khaatumo high profile delegations that, led by Honourable President Biindhe -one of the three Presidents – include 6 traditional leaders and members of executives at all. Yusuf Garaad contacts Mogadisho by hourly intervals and had been informed  brotherly meetings that been held in Mogadisho and their positive conclusions that  Khaatumo met Sacad Habar-Gidir one face  and second one between Abgaal and Khaatumo.

Yusuf presumed had he interviewed member of Khaatumo delegation he would praise and acknowledge the nobleness of people of Mogadisho. He calculated this would result counterproductive outcome between him and fantasy living friends- secessionist. Secondly his tribalism ego is deep rooted as evident his low-level coverage of Galmudug State. When President Sharif publicly recognized Khaatumo just before Xargaga tabloid revelation that care-taker of PM’s office unprecedentedly was seen taking bribe. Yusuf tasked unskilled and misused reporter to interview President Ahmed Osman in Taleh -1000km away- rather than President Biindhe who stay stone’s throws away from Junior Moalimu whereabouts.

But the truth of the matter remains that Mr. Yusuf despite many advices/warnings from different Somalian intelectuals including Khaatumo officials such as Dr, Osman Hassan, Hon, Ali Igeh etc,  he intentionally choosed to stick to his wicked action. knowing that approximately 20 former BBC Somali Service announcers all coming from every region  and  clan of Somalia and who had worked for the BBC longer than this warlord editor. However, as evident since that collective complaint was made, things have gone for the worse. What puzzles me, and no doubt many other Somalis, is why the editor has been allowed all this leeway even when it is clearly against Britain’s interest?.  Former insiders tipped that editor does hidden part-time  job. That is a secret that neither Yusuf Garaad nor the BBC have shared with anyone but the time sooner or later will let the cat out of the bag.

In a nut shell, last year I  read a political story about how western leaders misused as a tool Middle-East and African dictators once they  accomplished their interests and used against will of their people. Then when Westerners realise that people ran out of patient they in no time re-map their strategy calling for necessaty of democratic change along with smooth hand over. Warning upon ignoring people’s rights will result presocution and improsenment, Eventually they give final hard kick on the bum in order to pursue their political agenda. This is what we witnessed in Arab Spring.Yesterday Saif Al-qadaafi was dinning in Buckingham Palace at some point,  befriended former PM, -Blair- his former Bussiness Secretary -Peter Mandelson- and gave lecture about Libiya thousands of London School of Economics students on behalf of his Dady.

Today I have no clue whereabouts but certainly know his former friends willingness to be trialed in Libiya where death penalty is favourite option. According to Yuusuf Garaad’s case as we learnt by experience westerners like any other nation tent to generalise policies as long as it fits its purpose regardless of applying into a shoe-shiner or head of state. As a result,  I would advice all Somalians to send complain again to the BBC it may coincide warlord’ s departure and just  final kick is needed. Below is the BBC web-address so please make your complains to remove only remaining warlord.

Saed Ali


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  1. Khatumo state 'untouchable' March 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm - Reply

    We must show the BBC Service how paphetic this idiot is, so they should rid off
    him for good ASAP.

  2. axmed yare March 14, 2012 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    yusuf garaad waa nin aad iyo aad ay u gashay qabyaaladu…HE HAS TO BE FIRE.

  3. geelqaad March 15, 2012 at 2:37 am - Reply

    Anigu waxaan aad u ogaaday yusuf Garaad in uu mooryaan yahay oo uusan nin masuul ah oo dhexdhexaad ah shirkii soomaaalida ee London, markii uu soo daayey barnaamijka falaqaynta jimcaha ee uu yidhi siilaanyo wuu ka hadlay shirkaa, maalintaa ayaan si fiican u ogaaday in uu yahay nin beenlow ah oo xag jir ah.

  4. abdirisak March 15, 2012 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    YUSUF GARAAD WAA NIN beenlow ah oo xag jir ah

  5. sahra March 16, 2012 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    garaad muu sheegina inu siilanyo hadlay shiriif baa sheegay .qosol baa idinku dhacay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nala aqoonsay.haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa waanalagala noqday. yaa wax idinku falaya xataa ilahay baa idin nacay .xamar ma ku hungowdeen.walaahay waan qoslay .xoolo xoolo dhaleen xamarna idinba rabtee dhulka nooga kuura oo dameera xamar ku raaca gaagayey.maxaad haysataan , afar hunguri weyne ookala qaybsan iyo nacnac.mac sonkor

  6. mujaahid March 22, 2012 at 10:48 am - Reply

    yuusuf garaad waa nadal dadkoo soomaali oo dhan baa taas og. Waxaase kasii liita dadka uu wax uyeedhioyo ee wararka soo daaya.

  7. DHeere Khaatumo Power March 28, 2012 at 6:54 pm - Reply

    Yusuf garad is bloody corrupted,bribery,tribelist,onesider,lack of quality
    he should be in a court for mismanagement of the BBC Somali branch.
    Godbless Khatumo state of Somalia and Viva Somali unity.

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