Hogaanka SSC oo Soo Saarey Warsaxafadeed.(SSC press release)


To: The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia

The United Nations

The European Union

Arab League

Organization of Islamic Conference

African Union

Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

The Somali People in General

From: The Unity and Salvation Authority

SSC Somalia. Dubai, 4-01-2011

We would like to share with the Somali people and broader International community that there is an imminent threat from self styled Somaliland administration who has prepared itself to take Buhoodle in a new offensive. The so called Somaliland has mobilized over 2000 armed men with over hundred “technical’s” gathered about 30 kilometers from Buhoodle, in a bid to take the current Headquarters of SSC Regional Administration.

For a long time we have been holding back our people not to fire a single bullet, during which time we have been calling Hargeisa administrations to withdraw their militia from SSC territories. If they instigate the already arranged aggression they will be responsible for the serious consequences of the human lives. This inhuman action will cause the displacement of at least 150,000 civilians from Buhoodle. After the naked and aggressive invasion by the Isaaq militia in October 2007 and May 2010 on SSC territories there had been minimum of 250,000 civilians dislocated from Las Anod, Widhwidh, Balli-cad, Guumays, Yagoori, Adhi Adeeye, Kala-baydh and many more.

Additional to this hostility there is currently severe drought in all SSC territories. The Deyr season did not fall at all in Sool, Sanaag and Cayn regions. We have depressing reports that sheep and goats began to die and camel started to become very feeble and in poor health. There is acute shortage of water supply for both of people and their herds. Water points either do not exist or are in appalling conditions.

The Unity and salvation Authority of SSC Somalia stands for peace, stability and progress for all Somalis. It disassociates itself from any kind of violence, bloodshed or hostility. In numerous times we have called the Hargeisa administration to pull out its occupying forces from our regions. Unfortunately, our appeals had never been honored.

Therefore, in this press release, on behalf of SSC territories, we are appealing to the International Community and Regional Organizations to impede the organized assault from Hargeisa towards Buhoodle and provide the essential humanitarian assistance to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and their livelihood. The amalgamation of hostilities and drought necessitates immediate and consorted actions.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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